COVID-19 Update

We are going back to Sunday school at 9:30, fellowship time at 10:15 to 10:30 and Sunday service at 10:30. The morning service will be available to listen to FM radio in the parking lot and will be posted early in the week on the web page and Facebook.
We are now meeting in-person for worship, still offering the FM parking lot service while the actual service is going, and the video of the service for online viewing sometime Monday mornings.
We are excited to announce that we will be opening church back up on March 7. We will have a full worship service in the sanctuary with outside FM radio, and virtual services available.
01-26-2021 We are now doing Gravel Gospel services along with virtual videos until Feb 14th. Gravel 
Gospel services are in our parking lot at 10:30 through your car radio. We will be reevaluating every two weeks.


updated 07/27/2020
The church leadership recognizes there is a mask mandate in the state of Ohio. We recommend you wear a mask and practice social distancing while at Beech Grove Church.  For those who don’t feel comfortable coming in person,  we want to remind everyone that the Sunday worship service is available Monday on the church’s website, and the mid-week motivation is available Wednesday evening.
updated: 05/19/2020
Dear Beech Grove Family,
     Greetings in the Name of the Lord!
     As the rains continue on our house, we rest assured that we have built on the rock and that we remain in God’s vision for His Kingdom.  May we rise to the opportunities that He provides us daily, hourly, and even in the minutes.  The storms will continue, but our God is Faithful!
     The time has come to consider re-gathering.  The church leadership began discussing and planning a time when we gather together physically, in our church building at Beech Grove.  Please know that all the actions of the church leadership are prayerfully considered with the care of the flock foremost.  Our church family is precious and God has put us together to worship and honor Him through praise, worship, fellowship, prayer and the breaking of bread.  If we can gather together physically with health and safety considerations observed, then we will do so.
     You will be receiving a letter soon from the church leadership, detailing the precautions and steps that we are taking to work towards this effort.  Additionally, you should receive a phone call from the leadership to ask your views and opinions on the matter, hopefully incorporating your inputs for our way forward.
     You must know that you are to only do what feels comfortable to you.  If you are concerned about your safety, then you will be distracted from our purpose of gathering to praise and worship God.  If you want to wear a mask when others may not, then feel free to do so.  If you decide that waiting a few more weeks is for you, then do so.  Your church family will support you in your decision.  Also know that the church leadership may decide on all wearing masks if the conditions require it.  But we must be of one mind on this.  We cannot let Satan have an opportunity to divide the family on such issues.  For example, I may not like what the church leadership decides, but I will support the church leadership’s decision.  I may chose not to participate personally at this time, but I continue to support the church’s leadership.  We will continue to have the services online for viewing at home, in any case.
     Please spend this week praying over these concerns and ask God to provide you the discernment to do what is best for your part in building His Kingdom.
Your Servant,
Pastor George


March 2020




Greetings Beech Grove Family!

I pray that this note finds you well and that the recent events in all of our lives are providing you a focused time to spend with the Lord in prayer and supplication.  This note is to inform the Beech Grove Family on how we can continue to worship together.

            As much as we wanted to work out a way for us to gather together this week, it has become apparent it would not be the wisest decision.  I know many might interpret all this happening as overreaction, but the reality is there are still so many unknowns. 

            With the number of unknowns, the last thing we want to do is take any unnecessary risks that could potentially compromise the health of anyone.  So the decision to move our services online is our best attempt to “love our neighbors” well.

            So plan to spend time at home with your family and we will be working on an online worship experience to invite you to.  The messages will continue to support our devotionals for our Journey to the Cross as we remember Jesus in this time leading to his death and resurrection.  So far, we have discussed Prayer, Repentance, Humility, Suffering and this week Lamentations.  I have found the daily devotionals richly rewarding in examining my priorities and I believe you will continue to do so as well.

Love you all and hopefully we will be able to get together again soon!

Pastor George

Each Sunday there will be a new Sermon posted to our web page. Please gather your family around and watch together. thank you