UPDATE:  We are back with in-person worship if you feel like you can make it.  We also will continue to provide the parking lot message over the FM while the actual service is on-going.  And for those remaining home, we still offer the full service online sometime Monday morning.  Thanks!


Beech Grove Family, we tried something different and we think it went well !!!!!

We did our first Drive-In Service on 10 January and had 26 people and nine cars!

This service was in addition to the regular virtual service that was posted prior to the Drive-In.
Your church board continues to work to facilitate that growth. We are always looking to ways to restore, build and grow our relationships as Christ-followers and family.
To fill some of the gaps that may have developed over the last year, we have made many efforts in this vein, including one-calls, Mid Week Motivations, Kid Connects, and  online/virtual services.
More recently our Front porch gatherings will begin next Wednesday as we do a group video chat / Zoom meeting open to everyone for the sole purpose of fellowship as believers in Christ.
So now we have another proposal we are developing.
The virtual/online services will continue until the Covid-19 situation in our county changes for the better.
And as an addition in our efforts to meet, we are offering an on-site worship in the parking lot of our church. We will hold the service over FM radio, as you remain in your cars, and seek to worship our Father with a more normal formatted service.  We will have songs, a call to worship, and a sermon from Pastor George.
Again, this is in addition to the online service that will already be posted to our website. Both services will have the same content, the same messages.
There will obviously be a few challenges to work though as we seek this Avenue of worship.
Rest assured all of these efforts are for the Glory and Honor of our Lord and Savior, as we desire to remain the close knit Beech Grove Family.  This parking lot service, also known as the Gravel Gospel service, is going to be at 10:30 on the designated Sundays.

More to follow!