Beech Grove History

The history of the Beech Grove church roots back into the history of what was once known as the Palestine church. The first Brethren settlement in the vicinity of Palestine occurred prior to 1830. In 1868 a church was built about ½ mile south of Palestine on the east side of the road. It was across the road from the present New Order German Baptist Church. It was known as the Palestine German Baptist Church. The Beech Grove Church was formerly a part of this Church.

The Beech Grove Church was built in 1888 at its present location and was so named because of the predominance of beech timber in the community at the time of its beginning. It is believed that Deacon George Miller gave the land that the church was built on. In 1904 the Palestine territory was divided; the west part was to be known as Beech Grove and the section to the east retained the name Palestine. The Beech Grove Church of the brethren was organized as a separate church on March 11, 1904.

The church building was remodeled in 1905, 1924, and 1929. In 1944 a parsonage and 26 acre farm was purchased for $4800 from Daniel Evan (Eve) Hollinger. He was the Grandson of Moses Hollinger, who was a minister at Beech Grove from 1905 – 1916.

There were changes made to the church basement in 1937. In 1951 the building was raised and completely remodeled. A tower was added to the front and a 26 foot addition was added in the back for Sunday school rooms. In the basement of the new addition are a large kitchen, rest rooms, and a furnace room. All of the former building was renovated at this time. It was dedicated September 29, 1951.

New pulpit furniture was purchased in 1965 along with aluminum siding. New pews were bought in 1974. In 1987 new carpet was installed in the sanctuary, along with the purchasing of a new Organ and Piano. New windows were installed in the church in 2001.

The parsonage was enlarged to include a master bedroom and bath downstairs. They also added a half bath and large bedroom upstairs in 1991. The kitchen was updated in 2007 and the original bathroom was updated in 2011.

In 2014 two new monitors were installed in front by the altar.